. . . with Takehisa Kosugi. As a duo, they created the work Parabola which was   performed in the USA, Europe and Japan. Recordings of their music are available on Nova Era (Spain) and Editions RZ (Berlin). They have also worked together as musicians in the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Takehisa Kosugi was the last Music Director of MCDC and lives in Osaka, Japan.

. . . with David Moss. They have collaborated for more than 25 years. As the percussion duo Max Factor they performed in the USA and Europe and they regularly perform in each other's larger scale group works eg: Musique a la Mode. Listen to their track “Flying Papayas” in the Jukebox. David Moss lives in Berlin, Germany.

. . . with Michael Evans. Together they formed the percussion duo GOBO. Michael has performed in Feeding Frenzy as both a musician and a cook and as a percussionist in MALMOMichael Evans lives in Brooklyn, New York.

. . . with Foofwa d'imobilité. A music and dance collaboration with the Swiss choreographer and dancer. Their work No Fly Zone premiered in New York and subsequently toured in South Africa. "Slender teletubby meets benign music therapist" - NY Times. Forward also composed music for several of Foofwa d'imobilité's other dance works. Foofwa d'imobilité lives in Geneva, Switzerland.http://www.foofwa.com/http://www.foofwa.com/shapeimage_5_link_0