Kunstakademiet Bergen, Bergen, Norway

Adjunct Professor (2004-present)

New York University, New York, NY, USA

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Food and Nutrition (2004 - present)

University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN, USA

Visiting Lecturer, Department of Art (2004)

The Kitchen Center, New York, NY

Visiting Artist, workshop (2002)

Kunstakademiet Trondheim, Norway

Visiting Lecturer, workshops, performances and tutorials (1990, 1992, 2012)

Time of Music Festival, Viitassari, Finland

Visiting Artist and teacher, workshops, performances and tutorials (1995 and 2000)

Wien University, Wien Austria

Visiting Artist, workshop and performances (1997)

CNDO, School for New Dance, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visiting Lecturer, workshops and performances (1986-1990)

Theatre pour Danse Contemporain, Paris France

Visiting Artist, workshop (1997)

Podewil, Berlin, Germany

Visiting Artist, workshop (1997)

During the last 20+ years Fast Forward has offered classes and workshops in the disciplines of music composition, improvisation, music/theater, music for dance and the fine arts. Class content is usually tailored towards the hiring institution’s requirements and curriculum. Workshops commonly last from several days to one-to-two weeks and are relevant to the participants area of study. For the last 5 years, Fast has operated as both adjunct and visiting Professor at the Bergen Academy of Art in Norway. Responsibilities have included conducting class seminars, leading workshops, self-presentation, performances and offering individual tutorials to students in all areas of fine art.

Sample workshops . . .

The Stovetop Orchestra was a workshop given at the Dept of Food & Nutrition at New York University in Manhattan. The workshop culminated in a concert given in the commercial kitchens of the dept. The orchestra used the entire contents of the kitchen as their musical instruments.

Norway : Akustisk Askeladd - interview and review  on FF’s concert ‘Sixy’ in Bergen (in Norwegian)

My ‘winds class’ at the University of Minnesota in Duluth.