In May of 2011 I received an email from Robert Ashley that read:  “PERFORMA — a NYC producing group (maybe you know them) — has asked me to produce an opera of mine from 1967 (yes, yes) called “That Morning Thing.” Three acts and an Epilogue with a total duration of about 80 to 90 minutes. I would like for you to direct, as in Directed by Fast Forward, and play a ten minute talking part in Act III”.

I agreed of course and that was the beginning of months of preparation and rehearsals for this production. Casting, new drawings for the acts, a completely new and incredibly creative lighting design by David Moodey, new  audio recordings and the reconstruction of original recordings made by Tom Hamilton and Robert Ashley (including Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon).

From Nov 19-21, 2011 four performances at The Kitchen in New York played to sold out crowds.

A company of 23, including 17 performers.

Much credit to PERFORMA curator Mark Beasley who had the courage and foresight to program this seminal work and to everyone at The Kitchen who worked flawlessly to bring the work to fruition.

Visit the blog that was set up to share and document the process of creating the opera.

Rear: left to right: David Moodey, Sime Viduka, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Megan Schubert, Gelsey Bell, Dave Ruder,  John Hagan, Brian McCorkle, Aaron Siegel, Imani Uzuri, Kimberly Bartosik, Kimberly Young, Tom Hamilton, Betsy Ayer and Fast Forward. Front: Samantha McHale, Amirtha Kidambi, Mimi Johnson, Robert Ashley, Samita Sinha, Aliza Simons, Madeline Wilcox and Paul Pinto.


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